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Mac Os Error Result Code = -50




I have recorded our band on a DVD recorder.I have the DVD-RW Disc with our jams on them...(some are good)...I want to convert the files (DVDS) to H.264 or Quicktime to edit in Final cut...When I use the convert DVD disc in Toast 10 Titanium none of these disc's can be read....

Other disc's seem to work fine ....The disc's i Recorded on were HP DVD RW some JVC+R.....The Read from:


Video :Main(0:42:31,NTSC)

Audio :Main(Unknown Language MPEG Stereo)

Click the big red button


Video : None

Audio; None

1 Track , Duration : 00:00

Hit convert

Couldn't complete command because of a Mac OS Error

Result Code = -50

Anyway this only happens on these Disc 's recorded with this DVD Recorder

Please don't tell me the recorder is the problem....

too late i have 100 recordings that play fine on a computer ...

I have been playing them real time on a DVD player thru a Canopus converter but this takes too long !

I thought Toast 10 would be the answer to my problem .....perhaps its not.?

Thanking you in advance for your help ,


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Also eagerly awaiting a response to this error code = -50....


I get it on ripped DVDs converting to iPhone as COULDN'T COMPLETE THE LAST COMMAND BECAUSE OF A MAC OS ERROR. Result Code = -50.


It doesn't happen all of the time, just when I really need it to work or right at the end of the conversion that has been running all night. What does this code mean?? Is it a memory overflow issue, insufficient memory, data error in the original file? I hate these cryptic error messages.



OS: 10.6.4

Toast 10.0.8 Titanium


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I don't know what causes the error or what it means. A possible workaround, however, is to use the Toast Media Browser to extract the video from the DVD before converting it. You do this by choosing Video files as the format and choosing DVD with the top button of the Media Browser to access the titles on the DVD.

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