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Pantm700 ->Fce->Titanium10 Pro->Bluray Workflow



27" 3.2Ghz iMac, Snow Leopard, LG BE08 burner, Titanium 10 Pro, Final Cut Express 4 - all s/w current updates.


1080i clips (highest quality interlaced setting for recording on the TM700) imported and edited in FCE. De-interlaced in FCE (upper).

1.5 hr sequence exported as QT movie with chapter markers:

1) self contained (apple intermediate codec)

2) not self-contained.


Dragged into Toast as two trials, using auto settings in Toast.


Toast re-encoded (1) as expected. Both sessions took 14hrs to create a disk image - no problem with this.


The end BDs on a 40" LCD TV via a Panasonic player are identical. Some jitter is there on moving images (panning) and on horizontal lines (e.g. steps, brickwork). The central section of the frame is slightly foggy/glassy - nowhere near as detailed as on original clips viewed fron camera via HDMI connection. Acutance on images and saturation is very good.


The jitter is far less than on an earlier "trial" outputing non-deinterlaced footage, but it is still annoying.


To find the optimised workflow from scratch requires an incredible number of permutations to work through. Can an expert out there please help? My objective is simple; - to produce an image on bluray disc for LCD TV viewing that is as near as possible identical to the original clip as viewed via HDMI connection.


For example: is the deinterlace option in Roxio more effective than that in FCE? Are the default settings in Roxio the ones to go for?

Are there other options that would be better, e.g, shooting in 1080 50P and converting this with ????? to ????? outside of the TM700 to something FCE can use?

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