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Roxio 2011 Installation Failure



I tried installed Roxio 2011 in my new window7 home 64 bit system. But it failed during installation. There was one error message " The operatiing system does not meet the minimum requirements for Roxio creator 2011. the system will not be installed" . Please refer to attached file for installation log file. Please help this issue.


OP system: Microsoft® 7 Home Premium 64-bit Chinese version

CPU: Intel I5-750


Hard disk:340GB available space

Display card: ATI® Radeon® HD 5450 with 1024 MB DDR3

Roxio Log Files.zip


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I just spent 4 hours trying to get Roxio Creator 2011 installed on my HP TouchSmart - Vista Home 64 bit. Finally worked when I disabled directx from the install files that I had winzipped. Assuming that I will need to reinstall MS Directx when it is done loading.

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DIRECTX_FEB10.INSTALLDIRECTX_WEB failed with exit code -9

I got it to work!

My Roxio 2011 program is a link download not a Disc, I ran the program about ten times and got installation interruption and realize it was trying to link to something and when I check the Roxio log before it did a rollback I see this: Action InstallActions.DIRECTX_FEB10.INSTALLDIRECTX_WEB failed with exit code -9. Installation failed with error code -9


And this is the link it was trying to link http://roxiocentral.roxio.com/enu/emc/v13_rox/creator-chrome-product-tour.html


The programs ask to install Google tool kit and Chrome, I would so you wouldn’t have problems in installation and uninstall it later if you don’t want it after Roxio 2011 install.

Turns off any device connect to the router like laptop or Xbox 360, so it wouldn’t interrupt the Roxio web link. lRan the program RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08NXD0R14 and on the program under“Unzip to folder” Is where the program unzip temporary: C:\Users\JESUSM~1\AppData\Local\Temp


Open My document and copy and paste on bar C:\Users\JESUSM~1(your name here)\AppData\Local\Temp and look for folder RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08NXD0R14 and you will see the program setup and go to properties and do the compatibility mode and Privilege level administrator then run setup program follow installation.

It works for me and I hope this help


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Looking at that there is a problem with MS dotNET v4 - if it can't be uninstalled there was a problem with its original installation and that would have to be fixed first.


That is down to Microsoft (it's one of their apps)

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here is transcript from Roxio Chat on-line tech support:


Raann : Hi. May I ask for your full name and email please.

customer : ticket 1067506

customer : having problem installing the Roxio 2011 on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

customer : Ashot Shagirian

Raann : Any error message?

customer : ashot@mac.com

customer : error is message telling me that The operating system must be XP etc etc or Windows 7 32/64 " or Roxio creator 2011 will not be installed"

Raann : The exact error message if possible please.

customer : SONIC_SETUP.LOG

customer : Execution of Windows Installer package '{3A9527CF-4E91-4683-A03F-F1AD022126E5}' finished with exit code = 0

Raann : What are the steps that you have tried so far?

Raann : Have you tried this steps?

Raann : 1. Right-click on the setup package and choose Properties.


2. Click on the Compatibility tab in the Properties window.


3. In the Compatibility mode section, uncheck the box that is labeled Run the program in compatibility mode for Windows Vista.


4. Click OK to save the changes.


5. Re-run Creator 2010 the setup package.

Ashot Shagirian : ok i will try these 5 steps now

Raann : Okay. Thank you.

Ashot Shagirian : I am running from a DVD disk 1

Raann : You can try and create a folder on your desktop and then copy the whole disc on that folder.

Raann : And then try the steps that I posted.

Ashot Shagirian : OK. I am installing now. It is in the stage of installing Directx 9 although I have already Directx 11 installed

Raann : That's okay.

Ashot Shagirian : DirectX 9 installed, Roxio Tsreamer installes, Sound installed, installing creator 2011 Pro in progress

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : Ashot Shagirian : One Code decoder pack installed, One Player installed, BackonTrack installed, BackOnTrackPE installed, Burn-Secure installed, Installing Content - installed, One Pleyer installed, ROLLING BACK roxio Creator Pro

Raann : Any error message?\

Ashot Shagirian : Rolled back all installed parts. Error incountered during installation. Error Code: 0643

Raann : Let me check on this error message.

Raann : One moment please.

Raann : Is your computer updated?

Ashot Shagirian : Yes, uptodate

Raann : Have you tried these steps?

Raann : http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000080GN&PARAMS=set-locale=en

Raann : I mean the steps on that link.

Ashot Shagirian : No, I will try now, it will take time

Raann : No problem.

Raann : I think there will be a part in there that you may need to restart your computer.

Raann : If a restart is needed, just reconnect to the chat line so we can help you out again.

Ashot Shagirian : I am still in the process doing step 3

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : by the way what was the Error Code : 0643 for

Raann : It is a possible certificate file error.

Ashot Shagirian : windows 7 restarted and tries to setup roxio streamer

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : obviously it could not started with message on screen "Please contact Roxio Customer service"

Raann : Exact error message?

Ashot Shagirian : Trying to initialize Roxio Streamer. Can not be initialized, Please contact Roxio Customer Care. No other error code

Ashot Shagirian : I am still in progress of doing 9 steps per kb article

Ashot Shagirian : another message "Getting started with Roxio Burn"

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : Ashot Shagirian : Steps from kb article done:

1. Install Windows Updates - Done All Windows 7 updates, including DirectX 11, Windows Media Player 12 (12.0.7600.16667), Internet Explorer 8 (8.0.7600.163750),

2. Install latest video card drivers - Mobile Intel ® 945 Express Chipset Family Date 9/23/2009 Driver Version: - Windows update determined that drive is up-to-date

3. Microsoft DirectX - installed 11

4. Microsoft Media Player: v 12

5. Audio drivers -

6. update burner's firmware - Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K06 ATA device Microsoft 6/21/2006 Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385 - windows update tells it is up-to-date CD-ROM drive

7. Logged in as Administrator - yes

8. Anti-virus program - is not running, not installed

9. No other background process - msconfig - disable all

Ashot Shagirian : running setup.exe from roxio dvd disk 1 with right click option Run as administrator and disable Compatibility

Ashot Shagirian : warning message: can't connect to internet, please connect first.

Ashot Shagirian : Obviously I disabled all processes

Raann : But you need to still be connected to the internet.

Ashot Shagirian : I am connected with ethernet, but since I disabled all processes in step 9 in msconfig - disable all - it must be that reason

Raann : Try to make sure that even you have disabled the start up items, you can still connect to the internet.

Raann : You can leave the application that allows you to connect to the internet enabled.

Ashot Shagirian : I pressed the button retry and it started installing the components

Ashot Shagirian : Installing DirectX 9 Runtime. Inrent explorer pop-uped with window from Roxio.com Wlcome to Roxio Creator to learn more. Installer continues with components installation

Ashot Shagirian : All goes the same route installing one by one

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : installing Content now

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : progress bar for installation went thru 90%, still installing without error. Installing Roxio creator 2011 Pro Content

Raann : Looking good.

Raann : (crossed fingers) :)

Ashot Shagirian : praying

Raann : Your agent is currently busy but will contact you shortly. Your chat is important to us. Thank you for your patience.

Ashot Shagirian : rolling back now

Ashot Shagirian : rolling back - last was - Microsoft .Net v3.5 SP1. Same Error Code: 0643

Raann : Can you try and uninstall the Microsoft.Net 3.5 application on your computer?

Raann : And then try to install the software again.

Ashot Shagirian : OK, I will do it now. But before Microsoft.Net 3.5 it was PlayerOne etc

Raann : Okay.

Ashot Shagirian : Removing Microsoft.Net 4 Client - warning some programs will not work correctly

Raann : Just the 3.5 one.

Raann : Isn't that available on the ADD/Remove programs?

Ashot Shagirian : There was no 3.5 only 4

Raann : Hold on a minute.

Raann : Let me check.

Ashot Shagirian : I got error message from Net uninstall trying to do it. Microsoft.Net Framework Client Network 4 didn't succeed because of fatal error during installation

Raann : Don't uninstall it yet.

Ashot Shagirian : .NET Framework 4 Client Profiel was not removed from my computer because of fatal error during installation

Raann : Okay.

Raann : I checked for information and it seems like I already exhausted all the steps available to me

Raann : So, what we're going to do is to escalate or forward this issue to the next level of support.

Ashot Shagirian : OK

Raann : Kindly send us a new installation log with this.

Raann : Kindly send it to us via web ticket and we'll respond to you as soon as we get a fix for this issue.

Ashot Shagirian : OK

Raann : Anything else besides this?

Ashot Shagirian : No I just sent out Log File and transcript of our chat with new ticket number is: 1067903

Raann : Okay.

Raann : Just kindly wait for a response via your email.

Raann : Thank you for choosing Roxio. Have a great day.

Ashot Shagirian : Fine for now. On a final note: Can you imagine if someone goes thru all this installing software from all companies like Adobe, Apple etc. Something is definitely wrong with your installation developers support team

Raann : We're doing our best to improve and innovate our software.

Raann : We'll keep you updated via web.

Raann : Thank you again and have a great day.

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I am having the same problem on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Installing from a DVD product first disc of two.

The error message " The operating system must be XP etc etc or Windows 7 32/64 " or Roxio creator 2011 will not be installed" . Please refer to attached file for installation log file.



I am very dissatisfied with Roxio products only for installation reasons. Last version of Roxio Creator 2009 had the similar kind of headache when I was installing on windows XP.

I guess Roxio installation team indeed should warn on your website to place a logo: DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED PC EXPERT

Your software product and installation is such a nice piece on a Mac, way to complicated installation for PC. There are obviously too many problems with the installation. I don't know where to start.


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Thanks for the heads-up on the Extraction software everyone. That portion went fine. However, now I'm having an issue with the install of .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. In my many attempts to download & install, I even went straight to the Microsoft site. No problem downloading, but can't install to save my life.

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Does anyone run Windows XP Home Edition? I am trying to install Creator 2011, but all I get are two huge un-executable files. If I try to "Run As", all I get is a window that looks like it's about to load a DOS string. I removed the Firewall. I disabled my Anti-virus program. Any ideas?

They could be compressed files. You need a software to uncompress the files to a folder.


Download a free trial version of either Winzip or winrar and install. Then double click the bigger size file (Creator 2011) -- I assume this is the program file. Follow the direction. If the first huge file goes through, then reboot and double click the 2nd file. Follow the direction.


Do come back and let us know how it goes.

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Does anyone run Windows XP Home Edition? I am trying to install Creator 2011, but all I get are two huge un-executable files. If I try to "Run As", all I get is a window that looks like it's about to load a DOS string. I removed the Firewall. I disabled my Anti-virus program. Any ideas?

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I am having the same problem .I keep getting message wont install not upto minimum requirements

I am running windows 7 home premium too and i tried to uncheck the compatability box but i cant its not highlighted ?? Sorry i am notechno expert - maybe this product should carry a warning DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED PC EXPERT

There are obviously numerous problems with the download of this product-maybe i would have been better ordering the disc but is says i cant do that now so i hope i get a refund and promptly because this is a complete waste of my time and i am not pc savvy enough to try and complete the suggestions here

i have just managed to uncheck the compatability box and it did try to install but half way through it froze so i had to restart

YIPPEE it has just finally installed correctly at last

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Creator 2011 will NOT run on Vista lower than Service Pack 2. Did you update the Vista install?


You are trying to run it in compatability mode on Windows 7 - as Vista with NO service pack.


Right click on the installation file, go to properties, compatability and uncheck the box

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Originally, I installed Roxio 2011 in my another computer with 32 bit Vista system and worked fined. However, this computer crashed due to unknown reason. Therefore, I re-installed window Vista system. After that, I can't installed "Roxio 2011" software in my two computers with Vista system and Window-7 system

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