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Bluray Chapters



Having a headache here ... and finding a lot of conflicting information online.


I have a live music concert built in Final Cut Express that I'm attempting to burn to Bluray with Toast 10 Titanium. I can't figure out how to get the chapters to work properly.


I am saving the file as a self-contained Quicktime file with chapter markers. Toast apparently does not see them.


I also have exported each song in the concert as a separate Quicktime file, assembled them on a disk and burned it; that gives me a menu with each song, but when I play the disc, there is a hitch between tracks, which is not a good thing. And, hitting the "forward" button on the DVD player will not skip to the next song, although you can go back to menu and accomplish that. (Chapters were set to "none" in each individual song, perhaps they should be "automatic" there?)


Is there some way to bring the whole FCE sequence as one file into Toast and then designate the chapters inside there?


Any help appreciated!


I also have Compressor 3.0, not sure if there's a way to use that to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

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Setting chapters to "auto" as above does nothing but add extra "chapters" to each song, which is only an annoyance and adds an extra layer of useless menus.


It's remarkable to me that an application reaches version 10 (or 10.0.8, no less) and cannot do the simplest of tasks, either allow the user to designate chapters where they want them (as DVD Studio Pro does) or successfully read the chapter marks embedded in the video (as both DVD Studio Pro and iDVD can do).


It's further confounding that it inserts a second or two in between videos and cannot play them seamlessly, unless there's an option I am missing somewhere.


I note in the manual that it says it cannot read any chapter markers in an MPEG2 file. Wow.

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