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Finalizing An Audio Disc With Roxio


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I cannot finalize my CD-R disc everytime i download something to my Roxio burner.

I looked on Roxios' instuctions and it doesn't mention anything about finalizing.

I have 3 discs that i burned that can be played on the computer but not in my car

or on my home stereo because they are not finalized. I wrote Roxio about the problem.

They wrote back saying that the disc must have failed or was defective. But that was

not the case. Does Roxio have Finalization?

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First off, what Roxio program version are you using, (EMC 9; EMC10 C2010 etc. ?) and which program itself are you using to burn the CD's ?? If you are using the program "Burn Audio CD's", then the program will automatically close the disc. In this type of burn, you cannot add other audio files to the same disc later as it does "CLOSE" the disc.



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Also what type of disc are you creating? Since they can be played on your computer but not on your home stereo, or in your car, then I might suspect you're creating an MP3 CD. That's fine, but if your home and car stereo don't support MP3 CDs, then they won't play there.


If you look at the CDs in Window Explorer, do you see the track names listed? And is the file type .MP3? Then you've created an MP3 CD.


Let us know.

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