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Microsoft is preparing what it calls the "Ultimate Keyboard"

The Highlander

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Microsoft Builds Keyboard for Vista


Microsoft Hardware is pushing the innovation envelope and introducing industry firsts to help you move from work to play with cutting-edge performance and total style.


Can a keyboard create its own mood lighting? Respond to you? Enlighten you? Move with you? The ultimate desktop can with ambient backlighting, proximity sensing and 30-feet of range.


Have a look here at the site and the virtual demo...


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Boy Neil, My vision of the "ULTIMATE KEYBOARD" is "NO KEYBOARD at all. I want a system that I can just talk to no matter what I want to do and the computer understands what I want and does it !!! :)


What was that post where "Star Trek" was mentioned ??



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They do have keyboards without a keyboard, Frank.


I've seen pictures of experimental setups where the keyboard is projected onto a flat surface and the machine works out what your fingers are doing to it (smile)

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