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If I Want To Convert More Than One Movie In A Row



I want to convert movies over night when I am sleeping. If I add sources to the convert will it convert them in order or does it convert them into one file. I am not sure and don't want to start a project and have it mess up like that. I really need 6 movies done by tomorrow morning. Help please. Maybe it is a stupid question but I have searched all the help and many many topics in the forum and can find nothing on it, especially in the how to.

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What do you mean by "convert"? Not sure what you want to do.

1) Do you want one DVD for each avi file? In that case, you have to create a DVD project for each avi file (that file is called a title in a MyDVD project). You have to manually attend to creating an image file and then burning it to a disc. There's no batch method to do all six projects.

2) Do you want all those avi files on one DVD? Then you create one MyDVD project and add those six files on it. So you'll have six titles in that project. What isi the total duration in time of the six movies? A standard DVD can hold about an hour of video, and the double layer disc can hold around 120 minutes of video.

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