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Program Runs But No Easy Vhs To Dvd



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Do you have this screen?

Have a screen that looks something like that but not exactly like the one you show, I have re-loaded this program 10 times, and every time something is wrong. I have loaded it on 4 diffrent P.C.'s all say missing certif. or missing files. I used this program about 9 months ago, downloaded a 20 min video, all went well. The next day my pc wouldn't start right, so I Uninstalled Roxio, with disk. My pc worked fine. Now that I have a screen that looks something like that, I hit plug and burn, it starts, then stops....missing certif....I hit ok, then it says loading....the menu screen comes up.....that's it.... I can ask for menu.... it loads all the back ground stuff....I type in a name for the dvd, alls okay to this point....then the program hangs....or can't read the dvd drive...or locks up the drive, and dvd won't e-ject the disk. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Core Duo,.99 gig RAM. XP Pro. I have tried it on a Dell Studio 17, Core i5, 8 gig RAM, windows 7 pro,64 bit and last but not least the old Pen 4 536mb RAM, the old one it the one that it worked on before, and when I re-installed it, all I would get is a menu for Audio only or Rent Movies. I have a project for work due Monday, I hate to go out and buy something else to get the job done. I have been working on this for 5 days. I haved cleaned, washed and have done everything I know to do, I have disabled all firewalls, anti-V, The Dell Studio was NEW right out of the Box. Never been used before, I guess it's time to give up?

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I give up, I have been using P.C.'s for 30 years, and have NEVER had this much trouble with anything, there is nothing easy about this program, :glare: support (LOL). After all this and that, do this, do that, download this.... Now the darn thing won't even start, funning thing, the little roxio box comes up, stays on the screen for about 15 sec. then goes away. I bring up Windows Task Manager, and the only thing running is a program..... (get this) LOL !!!!!!! :P Well I guess the jokes on me. Have a great day, and thanks for trying. B)

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