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Your first post is pretty fragmented…


You want to capture a 2D video from YouTube then convert it into 3D, correct?


As Gary said you may need to use IE8 in conjunction with Copy and Covert Video and then use Edit Video Advanced to convert it to 3D.


If you still have problems then you are going to have to supply some details.

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Sorry about the broken message. I cut-and-pasted the url to the YouTube video and the Roxio site scrambled it. The video is "/watch?v=o40_MzuKIGA", Treetop Flyer. The pilot is flying what seems to be some model of an RV down a winding river. In 3D it could be super.




I just captured it via Copy and Convert Video, converted it to mpg4 and then played it with CinePlayer 3D conversion. It did the 3D. The video was a little dark to begin with and there really wasn't that much contrast. It was standard definition so increasing the size to full screen produced some pixelation. It was also 4 by 3 rather than 16 by 9 so it didn't fill the screen. The guy's head was more than 1/2 the screen. Too bad he didn't mount the camera on the strut or somewhere in front of him. It was just OK.


If you just want to watch the video and not do anytign with it, there is no need to do a 3D conversion. You can just open CinePlayer and select 3D conversion there and it will play in 3D. Gte those cardboards glasses out.


Bottom line it works. You do have to focus on the screen and start with looking at the border and the video to get your eyes adjusted and then looking at the rest of the screen.

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