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Usb Turntable



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I'm using creator 2010 Pro on windows 7 pro laptop and when I connect my usb turntable (ION TTUSB05xl) I can't hear the sound from the record or record from it. I have to go back to an old xp desktop with a sound card and use the line-in socket. Has this changed in Creator 2011?


Unbknown, but I doubt it. Have you talked to ION about this? You are not the first person to complain about that turntable.

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If the USB input isn't working, you should be able to use the sound card line-in socket.


The soundcard line in socket on the old xp machine with a soundcard in it worked fine. There is no line in on a laptop. I've just bought an ion adapter in an attempt to fix the problem and that doesn't work either.

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Have you tried using the software that came with the ION adapter to see if that works? In my experience the software that came with my USB Audio device worked okay and routed the sound to the speakers while recording. Using other software, however, the recording part worked fine, but that software didn't know enough to also route the signal out to the speakers. If you can see the signal levels moving while recording, then you should be able to record, even if you can't listen while doing so.


It also just occurred to me that if you set up the USB Audio device as the default sound source in Windows, it may solve the listening problem.


Hope that helps.

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