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Client Can't Open Burnt Cd On Mac



Client is having a problem opening a CD I've burnt with Toast Titanium on her mac. The CD is going to be duplicated so need to be sure that there isn't a problem with the disc. It is a Mac and PC disc which I created as separate images and then merged together (I wanted a folder background image and couldn't achieve a consistent folder layout using the 'Mac & PC' burn menu.


Here's the process I went through:


Created a mac only disc

Set a background image and added files.

Saved disc image

Created an iso 9660 disc and added files.

Saved this as a disc image.

Merged the 2 images and burnt the disc.



The disc works fine on both my macs with different OS's and my PC. The CD works on all the clients PCs but on her mac the CD doesn't show up.


I burnt a disc for her last week in exactly the same way and it worked fine for her.


Can anyone think of something that could be causing this?



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