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Roxio Media Manager - Just Wont Stay Running



I have been having this same problem with Roxio since Easy Creator. I have continued to upgrade each version HOPING that Media Manager will finally work.


I have uninstalled (followed clean) re-installed, re-built system, changed OS's from XP to Vista to Win 7 ultimate 64. Changed video card, added drive, RAM, etc


in ever singe permeation of OS and Roxio version (currently on 2010 Pro)


When I start the Roxio Media Manager, it will run for maybe a minute or 2 before I get the old MediaManager has stopped working and needs to close.


EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not one single version, on any OS, with any hard config (only thing the same is the mother board) will Media Manager run longer than a minute or 2.


Now, I have nearly 1000 video clips, probably 12K photo's and about 6k mp3's.


I have tried EVERYTHING. msconfig, disable everything, install that way, run that way, everything. and not once in all these versions have I been able to use Media Manager.


I am hoping someone has some idea as to what I can do.


I will NOT go to 2011 until I get it working here. I just can't justify upgrading again, in the hopes THIS VERSION Media Manager will actually stay running.





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