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New Pictures Don't Show


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Hi, I'm not sure why, however I've got slides with a moving video background text overlays and picture overlays however adding a new picture as a second overlay doesn't seem to work.


Any ideas as to why?


I'm doing a 16:9 production, here's a sreenshot of the amount of overlays etc and what's going on...


My link

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What version of what software are you using?


You're posting in the "General Chat - No Roxio Problems" forum, so you're not even giving us a hint.

Since problems are often version-specific, your posts would make much more sense in the forum assigned to the software you're using.

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Actually it simply doesn't show whenever the first overlay is there.



Looking at your screen shot it is difficult without seeing the preview, too. It appears that one of the overlays is completely covering the over one and/or the background. When you click on Overlay 2, there should be a Red line around it in the preview. You can 'grab' one of the corners (tiny red box) and move inward to shrink that overlay. You can then move it around the preview so you can see both.

post-49-078339800 1285562745.jpg

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