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i had uninstalled, when i try to install, it won't take the cd key

i am running windows home 7 premium, 2 gigs memory. dell inspirion 1545 laptop. it is the 64 bit version of windows. 250 gig hd.


also, when it "goes to install" from the cd, vd64inst.msi will not install, i get the message that vd64inst.msi is not a working program?? i did remove all the entries from the registery for roxio. please help me.


i turned off mcafee total protection. i purchased the boxed version, creator 2011.


it is being installed from dvd i got with boxed version. vd64inst.msi will no load i get a message saying that it is not the proper vd64inst.msi, even though i redirect to dvd, find it and click open, get the same message as the above

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You did turn off the anti-virus, etc when you installed?


But so far you are leaving out a lot of details - what program are you installing, where is it being installed from, did you buy a boxed set or did you get it direct from Roxio?

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