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Am not sure this is the right forum or not, if not, I am sorry. But, I need help please. When DVD, is done, it will not eject for me, how come? Thanks for any help.


First, you posted in the section of the forum for Roxio Easy Media Creator 10. Is that what you have? Please note that there is also a Creator 2010 and an OEM cut down version that would have come with a piece of hardware such as a computer or burner. That software would have a letter designation after the number such as Creator 10 DE or Creator 10 LJ. There may also be a decimal point after the 10 such as 10.2 or 10.3.


Please confirm what you have.


Next tell us what application you are using. The name would be what you click on when you start doing whatever you are doing OR the name in the upper left of the window that is displayed.


Third, tell use what you are doing such as copying a DVD. burning a DVD, making an audio CD, Don't worry about technical terms, just give us the steps you are using.


Fourth, tell us something about your computer and burner. If it is a stock computer, please tell us the manufacture and the exact model number. Many manufacturers use a general model number and then some other identification to narrow it down.


Fifth, Tell use what operating system you are using and what Service Pack (SP) - XP, Vista, Windows 7, What version such as Home basic, professional, ultimate, etc.


Now did this just start or have you had the problem in the past? What new programs have you installed and what updates since you noticed this problem. In the application, sometimes there is a option to eject or not eject the disc when the process is completed. Did you check the option? Will the tray open when you press the button on the burner? Have you tried using the small hole and paper clip to eject the disc?


Please have the courtesy to come back and give us more information.

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