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Making An Mp3 Cd And Adding Tracks



Hi all, first of all thank you all for looking at my question.

I use Toast 10 and I want to burn a MP3 disc to play in my car. When I go to add tracks it accesses my itunes on my imac and shows the tracks I can add in file form.

Is there any way of keeping these tracks in their albums and not mixing them up alphabetically.

I seem to only be able to sort accending or decending in track name or band name.

This is very awkward when you have 20 albums by the same artist, yet you want to burn specific ones.


I am sure this is a lame question but one that is giving me hell.


Thanks for your responses.

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If you put your tracks in iTunes playlists then you can access those playlists with the Toast Media Browser. Choose Audio with the browser's top button and then choose the playlists with the button that is just below. Click on a track in a playlist, select all and drag to a folder in the main Toast window that you created for that playlist. Note that Toast cannot accept iTunes Music Store purchases that are copy protected. Also note that Toast does not have an MP3 encoder. Your tracks must already be in MP3 format before adding to Toast.


If you are simply keeping tracks organized by their original albums you can skip iTunes altogether and add the album to Toast by accessing it in the iTunes Music folder in the Finder.


You can also skip using Toast by having iTunes burn your MP3 CD. You can only burn one playlist to a MP3 CD with iTunes, though.


You might browse dougscripts.com to see if there are any applescripts there to make it easier to prepare tracks for burning to MP3 disc.

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An MP3 disc is burned in ISO 9660 format which places files in alphanumeric order. You can create folders for groups of tracks as a way to organize by album, artist and so on. I don't know how many levels of folders your MP3 disc player will drill into.


When I use the Toast Media Browser to add the tracks from an iTunes playlist they automatically include the number track number in front of the the track name to keep the tracks in album order. If the original iTunes track does not have a track number in the file then that needs to be added in our to force a different alphanumeric order on your MP3 CD. Also, if your playlist has tracks from multiple albums you'll likely see multiple files starting with the same track number and will need to edit that to change the order.

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Thanks for the reply.

So I take it, if I pre-select the albums into playlists, then I can import a playlist as an album complete and put them into album folders on the disc.

I would be so much easier for Roxio to accept album details from itunes.

Once again thank you for your time in this matter.

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