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I Cant Installed The Roxio 2011 Pro



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I am having the same problem. How can I tell if Creator 2011 Pro is trying to install in the compatability mode? If I just double click on the RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08AXD0R14 file after it is unzipped why would it be trying to install Creator in the compatibility mode?



I sent this email to tech support this morning and have not received a reply yet.



1047922 Status

Open Date

9/27/2010 Issue Description

Technical Support | Creator 2011 | Installation/Updates


WebTicket 9/27/2010


I have been trying to reinstall my Creator 2011 Pro software for at least a week now without success. I had a major computer crash and just ended up building a new computer. I was able to install Creator 2011 Pro on my old computer before it crashed but the software would not run when I clicked on the desktop Roxio icon. I would just get a small Roxio logo in the middle of my display for a few seconds and then it would just go away. The computer would just sit there displaying the desktop and do nothing.


I now have a Asus P6T SE motherboard, Intel i7 CPU, 6 Gb DDR3 RAM, Radon HD5570 video card, 1 TB mirrored C drive and Microsoft 7 Professional 64 operating system. I have updated all the hardware drivers and installed all the Windows update and patches that Windows could find. I went back to my Roxio email and re-downloaded the Creator 2011 Pro install manager. It downloads the three zipped folders OK but when I try to run the RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08AXD0R14 file I get a error message that my opreating system is not compatable with this version of Roxio software.


I need to get this program up and running ASAP. I have customers waiting.

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What happens is, if you have an installation failure for any reason, Windows 7 'helpfully' asks if you want to try again - then switches the file to compatability (usually Vista SP0)


That having been said, you will probably have to clean out any remnants of the failed install - check this post


Once you finish that (don't skip or add any steps to what is there), get the computer ready for installation (check this KB article)


I would suggest that you extract the downloaded files to folders anywhere convenient (use winzip or winrar) and then TURN OFF your anti-virus - don't just pause it and then run setup.exe from the main program folder

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DIRECTX_FEB10.INSTALLDIRECTX_WEB failed with exit code -9

I got it to work!

My Roxio 2011 program is a link download not a Disc, I ran the program about ten times and got installation interruption and realize it was trying to link to something and when I check the Roxio log before it did a rollback I see this: Action InstallActions.DIRECTX_FEB10.INSTALLDIRECTX_WEB failed with exit code -9. Installation failed with error code -9


And this is the link it was trying to link http://roxiocentral.roxio.com/enu/emc/v13_rox/creator-chrome-product-tour.html


The programs ask to install Google tool kit and Chrome, I would so you wouldn’t have problems in installation and uninstall it later if you don’t want it after Roxio 2011 install.

Turns off any device connect to the router like laptop or Xbox 360, so it wouldn’t interrupt the Roxio web link. lRan the program RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08NXD0R14 and on the program under“Unzip to folder” Is where the program unzip temporary: C:\Users\JESUSM~1\AppData\Local\Temp


Open My document and copy and paste on bar C:\Users\JESUSM~1(your name here)\AppData\Local\Temp and look for folder RoxioCreator2011PRO_JA08NXD0R14 and you will see the program setup and go to properties and do the compatibility mode and Privilege level administrator then run setup program follow installation.

It works for me and I hope this help


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