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Roxio Is Still Selling The Expired 1007 Build!



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Hi Roxio shop maintainers!


I've bought Toast 10 online yesterday and I stumbled over the prerelease has expired message. You should update your shop to 1008!




Thanks for the tip Marcus. While I haven't seen any complaints, we'll double check.


Did you try completely removing your previous version of Toast before updating? Did you perform the update after installing?





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Yes I did install the 10.0.8 update. The 10.0.7 refused to install (beta expired). This was my first Toast 10 version. Toast 9 can (and should) coexist for some features gone with the new release.


Some other points with the shop:


1) I ordered the PRO version but did not get a valid key for the BD/HD plugin yet. The plugin was in the download package but I cannot install it. I've emailed Roxio and am still waiting.


2) I was unable to install Toast 10 with the supplied key. Only when I tried to type it in in lowercase instead of uppercase as indicated in the email from Roxio, the installer did accept the code.

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