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How Do I Make A Film I Did On My Web Cam, 3D?



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What version of the Roxio software do you have? If it is Creator 2010, where you posted, you can't. Creator 2011 is the first version that you can do 3D productions.

Hello, thank you for the reply, i am using the Roxio Creator 2011 i have just got, i suffer with trying to understand haw to do things due to a head injury, in a near death car accident.

Thank you.

Bob, texanbob2you@yahoo.com

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If you just want to watch your videos in 3D without changing them to 3D, just use CinePlayer and select (top menu) Open, then browse files. Navigate to the file you want to play. Tell CinePlayer that the file is 2D when it says it doesn't know what kind. Click OK. On the lower right select 3D conversion. Put on your glasses and watch the video. It often helps if you adjust to 3D by looking at the edges and then to the rest of the screen.


Caution: Some people do not see 3D and some people that watch 3D get headaches and dizziness.


Look in this section of the forum for some examples.


To make a 3D Photo, just open "Create 3D Photos", There is a tutorial that opens that should be of help. In essence, just select 2D photo and a new window will open. Pu on your glasses and then use the left and right arrows to get the best appearance. Click save. You can then print it off later and it will be 3D for anyone who is wearing the glasses.


Come back if you want any images of the processes.

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