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Creator 10 Ce With Plextor Dvd Drive

Plextor user


My computer: WinXP SP3, used for years, Intel Pent 4 2.7 GHz, 3 G memory.

Use HyperOS to manage multiple HDD and partitions. My main OS partition is D:.


2 weeks ago I installed a Plextor 880 SA DVD drive which came bundled with Roxio Creator 10 CE. Installation of the Roxio says "Completed", and the program opens and captures video ok. But sound is distorted/static-y.


Every time I start the program, the following msg appears: "The following codec(s) must be activated before using the application: MPEG-2"


I hit "OK" to activate, and the following Error msg appears: " No permission - Bad installation "

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Replying to myself


Drat! Solved my own problem. I had never seen my video capture device (an old Plextor ConvertX TV100U) listed in my system tray's Volume Control. Just found it, and lowered the volume slider from max to almost minimum. Bingo! Distorted sound problem solved.


I still don't understand why Creator 10 CE always says the MPEG-2 codec must be activated, but can't be activated because of "No permission - Bad installation". Could this indicate I will lose some functionality of the program (which I have not yet tried to use)???

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