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EMC 7 - uninstall doesn't uninstall half of program!




I have trawled quite a few of the threads re unistall probs but can't quite see mine.


Initially tried uninstall and got 'No valid certificate' message. Avoided that by using Windows Cleanup Ut. Re-installed.

Add/Remove showed it present and I uninstalled. Seemed to have gone well (took a while tho') but then noted that there was about 156MBs of stuff (incl. programs) left in the Roxio folder in 'programs'!

I repeated install and uninstall and still the same.

Win Cleanup Ut. doesn't show it as present.


How do I get rid of it ALL?

Roxizap seems to be for 5 & 6 only?


Reason for all of this is because my Samsung sm-348B combo drive suddenly won't read blank media; does audio and game CDs OK and will, after an age, recognise burned CDs with data on.


Only recent change was son installed some Creative stuff to interact with his Zen micro - have tried uninstalling it apart from synching part. No dice still.


I did attempt to clean CD-ROM with cleaner CD prior to all this - damaged? but why will read other stuff?!


Help appreciated.


Running XP Pro, Duron 700, Gigabyte GA-7ZM mobo,

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You can try running Roxizap.It will work on other versions.Be careful though because if you have other burning applications on your computer they may have trouble seeing your drive after running Roxizap.If they do just reinstall them.

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Using XP's "add/remove programs" in many case (actually most cases) does not completely remove every trace of a program. Usually it removes those files that are needed to run the program but personal files left in folders inside the program aren't necessarily removed. Just as an example, after running the Add/Remove Programs for a certain program, run "REGEDIT" (Registry editing Program) and search on a particular name of the program and you will find many places in the registry where files still remain.


Most of the time one can open Windows Explorer after running Add/Remove Programs and go to the program folder and delete any personal files that still remain there, assuming you actually want to remove them. And as Terry suggested, running Roxizap can sometimes remove other files necessary for running other programs so be careful there also.



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