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Converting From Dvix To Dvd Format



Hey guys, I downloaded a few torrent videos with the Dvix and Avi formats. I want to convert them into DVD format. Using Video Copy & Converter unility when I try to convert from Dvix to DVD format it freezes at 8% in the progress bar, and It wont go beyon there. I left it for 4 days and still no finito?


I tried to convert to MPEG Video, same thing, stopped at 99% in the progress bar... Any recomendations please!!!


PS: I tried to burn the Dvix file directly to a DVD without converting but once the DVD was finished it wouldn't be read by my DVD player? I tried in a few DVD players just to make sure, and the new DVD would work at all in any of the players...?

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Only newer DVD players can play AVI files on data discs. Most of the older ones won't.


I have tried many times using Video Copy and Convert in both Creator 2010 and Creator 2011 to convert quite legal AVI files [both DivX and XviD format] to DVD.


Every time the conversion freezes at 8%. Several of the other gurus have duplicated the problem, and it has been reported but is not yet fixed. The program seems to open DVD files at the destination, but freezes before writing any data into those files. Usually you have to use Windows Task Manager to terminate the program.


I'm sorry, but Video Copy and Convert doesn't seem to be able to do this conversion. You need to use some other software to convert your AVIs to DVD or else to a format that VCC can handle.

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