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Audio Video Out Of Sync On Dvd



New to this so please bear with me...



Alienware Aurora with I7 920

12GB DDR3 1600mhz

Nvidia Gforce GTX 260

Plextor 12X Blu-ray disc writer

PLDS DVD writer

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit loaded on a Kingston SSDnow V+ 128GB TRIM Enabled

Roxio Creator 2010 Pro loaded after new Win 7 ultimate install

No Anti-virus loaded (yet)


Canon Vixia HF200 recording AVCHD at 17mbps


Ok...basically I have Windows 7 Ultimate running and the only other thing I have installed is Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. I would say that is as clean of a system as I am going to get for Roxio. I copied my AVCHD video directly from the SanDisk Exteme III card to a folder on my hard drive. I open Roxio and choose Edit Video- Advanced and Roxio Videowave opens. I choose the video scenes that I want to burn and add them to the "Storyline"(16:9 aspect ratio). I can watch and listen to all the video clips playing as one movie and the audio and video are in sync the whole time in Videowave. I then choose Output on the file menu at the top and click Send to MYDVD. Once in MYDVD I choose the project type "AVCHD" I then type in a title and change the title page background and then preview the 3 video clips again and they are still in sync as far as audio and video. I go to tools and then options and choose "Software" rendering. I choose HQ for the quality because my video is only 1.7GB in size and then Click burn to a 4.7GB Standard DVD+R. I choose the drive I want and then "Burn". Entire process takes less than 10 minutes and it completes succesfully. I put the DVD in my BluRay Player and it plays great...only problem is that the further the video goes the audio and video get more and more out of sync. I believe that it gets worse as it goes from clip to clip...it's as if the video plays continuously but when the audio gets to the 2nd clip, 3rd clip, etc the audio doesn't tranisition correctly.


I've tried Sony DVD+R, Memorex DVD+R, and Memorex DVD+R DL. I've burned from the Plextor and the Standard DVD writer. This happens with all video projects that I add more than one video clip to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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One post is enough please.


Memorex is not worth the electricity to run it through my shredder! But it is not the cause of this problem either :)


Try one (DVD RW) using the Quality set to Same as Original (you cannot 'upgrade' quality!)


If that does not work, from VW, use the Export As option and create a file to add to MyDVD. Again, Same as Original should be what you want.

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Thanks for the reply and the information! I will try that this evening when I get home from work. However I am not understanding about using a lower quality than HQ? My videos from my camera are HD quality so why would I want to burn them in a lower quality format?


Also: I was able to get the video and audio to sync after my post last night. (caveat) I added a transition effect between each clip and when I burned it that time it was all in sync. I obviously don't want to have a transition effect between each clip though on every video I burn from now on so again I will try your suggestion.



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