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CPDecoderPackv1.0.exe has become a pain in the A**, the software does not work, can't find it on the computer, can't re-install it, SO I thought the refund process would be simple, at least the e-mail I got looked simple enough, went through the refund thing and tried to except the terms and guess what the computer tries to connect I let it run for 30 minutes and it would NOT connect to their website so I could agree to the refund policies.


If they are playing some kind of a game just to keep my $15.00, well all I have to say is keep it because Roxio needs it more than I do, there was another software that I was going to order from them but I have changed my mind now.

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Please, one rant per issue. Nothing you post on this site will get you the refund. You obviously have other issues with your computer. No browser should try to connect for 30 minutes without an error message in the first minute or two. What operating system do you have and what version of Internet Explorer? Where are you downloading the file to? It sounds like you have some computer problems that you don't want to address.

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