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Update 10.0.8 Crashes On Powerbook G4 On Import


Was told by Roxio support that version 10.0.8 update of Toast will run w/o bugs on PowerBook G4 laptop running Leopard OS 10.5.8. But in fact when I upgraded from 10.0.2, and opened and dragged in a QuickTime .mov file to burn to Blu Ray disc in Blu Ray mode, it froze as it tried to load it and crashed each time. Went back to 10.0.2 version and no problem - it is purring away burning a BD-R.


Anybody run into this?

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No version of Toast beyond 10.0.2 works well with PowerPC Macs.

O.K., I received the answer finally from Roxio support: Toast 10.0.8 will run on the PowerPC G4, with OS 10.5.8, but the HD Blu Ray plug-in software will only run on the PowerPC G5 or Intel chipset!! You would think they could have made BOTH pieces compatible so we G4 Laptop Mac users out here could have it all, but NOOOooo!

Here's the link to the HD Blu Ray plugin system requirements: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/plugin/requirements.html

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