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2010 Pro



I have 2010 and 2010 Pro but I cannot get either one to copy a music cd with the resulting copy having the song names on it. Instead of song names I get Track @1, Track # 2, etc. I used Cd Creator 6 for years with no problems but now I cannot get a straight answer from Roxio on this. Can anyone offer any help. Thanking you in advance.

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Here's a straight answer.


Commercial music CDs do NOT usually have the song names embedded in them. This embedding of song names is done with a system called CD-Text, and it seems that system didn't ever really "take off" in popularity.


Windows Media Player won't normally display CD-Text even when it is embedded in a music CD, unless you apply a plug-in especially made for that purpose. Few other players display CD-Text, but one very good exception is the HACP player. This displays CD-Text if it is on your disc, and is a very good way of checking that the text has actually been recorded. It is small, safe, FREE, and can be downloaded from many places on the Internet. Here's one site but there are many other sites to download it.


Now, to get this CD-Text recorded onto the copy you're making you need to [1] Have the CD recognized by Gracenotes or one of the CD databases, or else type the information in manually, and[2] have your burning program set to burn CD-Text. In Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 you probably had the right settings, and the software was doing it automatically for you.


Which program/menu option have you been using in Creator 2010 to try and do this job?

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