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Hey guys!

Here's my question:

- someone filmed me (from a TV studio) on a show and gave me a DVD... When I play it on my dvd player it comes out on the whole screen of my TV which is a 16:9 (there are no black lines neither on sides or top) and the film doesn't seem squished at all.

- I'm suppoed to prepare a youtube video of it for a project, so I put it in NERO like I usually do and then here's what happened: NERO recognizes it as 4:3 720 by 480. And the video is squished, with 2 black bars on left and right size. It ried everything, I tried to change it to 16:9 in NERO, then I tried to recode it and resize it but it always keeps the ratio when I try to resize it.

- I also tried with Windows Movie Maker: I changed it to 16:9 in options and it worked, but the video will be played as 16:9 (with no black bars neither on sides or tops/bottoms) ONLY with Windows Media player, NERO still views it squished. So I still tried to upload it on youtube, and it reads it as like NERO with the black bars on teh sides and the image squished....


Do you really have the experience that VIDEOWAVE will fix that issue, even though NERO and WindowsMedia didn't?

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All widescreen (hi-def) broadcasts (cable/Sat) are recorded by set top DVD recorders as "squished" 4x3 (DVD recorders specs written in stone), when you playback this dvd on a modern WS flat screen (or from the recorders HDD if equipted) your set 'expands" the 4x3 recording (containing the original squished wide screen broadcast) back to it's original 'geometry' and the side 'black-bars' disappear...


unfortunately when this "squished" broadcast is 'capture' from DVD to a video program like Roxio it is treated as a 4x3 signal, you have two choices now, (AFAIK) you can process and create a Roxio- VideoWave/MyDVD project in 4x3 mode and then when playing back the rendered DVD your set will expand it again to it's original WS size with correct geometry(use WS-FULL mode on your set-top DVD/Blu player) or by using Roxio's Video wave's "overlay" feature you can expand every 16x9 "squished" video clip to it's original broadcast dimensions/geometry , once you do this to all the clips then you can create a Videowave/Mydvd widescreen (16x9) production instead of 4x3, your settop player will playback this DVD as a regular WS source with no black bars, video quality will not suffer after stretching, since this was a widescreen (squished) recording in the first place.. ..


The only draw back of this 'overlay" method to 'fix' this issue is the amount of time it takes to do this process...


PS: if you do an "overlay" search in this forum you'll get details on how to use a "black" panel on VW in conjunction with the 'overlay' feature to expand video clips to 16x9 format...

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