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Not Enough Hard-Drive Space To Copy A Dvd?



I installed Roxio MyDVD Video Lab a while ago.


All I've done with it is copy DVD's that I create using a MacBook Pro and iMovie.


Until today, this was great! Copying a video DVD took about 5 minutes to write a temp image off the master, then 5 minutes to create a copy. I was happy as a lark!


Now, it's stopped working. I don't know why. The only possible changes are Microsoft patches, because my system is unchanged since I first installed this.


I have 303GB free on my C: drive. MvDVD is, as near as I can tell, trying to write to that C: drive with all that free space.


I put in a master DVD, I click "Copy Disc", and then after a few minutes I get this message:

"There was an error writing the image to your hard drive. Please make sure you have 3.9GB free on your selected drive, then try the copy again."


When I select "Show Advanced Info", I get this:

Sense: 03 ASC: 11 ASCQ: 05 (Command 28)




pxdrv.dll: 1.02.47a




pxwma.dll: 1, 0, 0, 3


If I then click "Explain", I get an unrelated message about copy-protected DVDs, which does not apply here since I created the DVDs myself.


I also tried "Copy Disk to Image", which allowed me to specify my C: drive as the destination for the ISO image. Unfortunately, Roxio MyDVD could not find 3.9GB of free space on my 750GB C: drive with 303GB of free space.


Out of curiosity, I tried again "Copy Disk to Image", this time choosing my N: drive as the destination for the ISO image. Unfortunately, Roxio MyDVD could not find 3.9GB of free space on my 2TB N: drive with 1.68TB of free space.


Help, anyone?


System/Software Details:

Roxio MyDVD Video Lab, Version 1.2.207 SP2.1; No updates available.

Build 122B07B, MVL; 500B39A, MVL

Windows Vista up to date with patches.

Intel Quad-Core processor, 6GB RAM.

Free internal drive space: C: 303GB; N: 1.68TB; L: 77GB.

Free external drive space: J: 260GB; M: 133GB.

Network storage space available: X: 479GB.

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