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Creator Premier V10 Causes C2010 To Crash?

Lynn Lynn


A help ticket web support person has told me that my VW12 crashes will go away if I get rid of Creator Premier version 10.3 (build 103B45A, DLH)


Has anyone found that having an earlier version on the HD causes crashes or hangs?


I cannnot write in any language other than English without a good translation program, and when I do, I go through several iterations, translating back and forth, until I think that the translation into nonEnglish will be clear. Very tedious indeed. It helps that I have some 17 month's experience living in that country where that nonEnglish language is spoken. I can easily discern that the writer of the help ticket response does not write English fluently, let alone natively.


So I wonder, is it true that Creator 10.3 and C2010, the components of which appear to be 12, as in VideoWave12.exe, are incompatible such that the presence of version 10 will cause version 12 to crash or hang? Is this a known issue?


The help ticket advised me to radically uninstall all Sonic/Roxio products, "clean uninstall", then reinstall C2010, and asserted that his would eliminate the hangs and crashes I have been having with C2010 Pro.


Should I do the clean uninsatll/reinstall such that my Creator Premier is wiped out?

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As far as I have been able to tell, Creator 10.3 is just Easy Media Creator 10 modified so it won't conflict with Windows 7. It is essentially version 10.


Creator 2010 is essentially version 12. Even though the naming system was changed to avoid the name 'Version 13', C2010 has all its parts numbered 12 [and C2011 has parts numbered 13].


If it were my system I'd thoroughly clean them both out, and then reinstall the latest version, C2010. Is there anything special about 10.3 that you really need and that C2010 doesn't have?




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