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Audio Project



I am creating an audio project (music CD) and when I enter a number in seconds for a gap between songs in the transition column, it does not apply itself. I found this to be true in Creator 9 as well. Is there an "On" button I must press to activate it? And, yes, I am setting it as a gap not overlap.

Also, older versions allowed a 'visual' of gaps or overlaps. I couldn't find it in Creator 9 or now in 2011.


Thanks for your help -


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I just tried it and it seemed to work just fine.It may be that you're just not recognizing the gap.


I made a disc that only have a few tracks on it and set the Transition to 9.0 seconds and I could tell that it was there easily.

Set your gap and then play the disc.Once the music from one track stops start counting and I'll bet you notice the gap.

All you have to do to set it is click where the blue 0.0 is and then change the amount of time.

As for a visual all I see is the symbol that tells what kind of Transitions you're using,Gap,Overlap or Crossfade.

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Thanks. I took it one step further based on your advice and burned the CD. Yes - I can hear the gap once I have a playable CD. The frustrating part is I still can not hear the gap (or crossfade, etc) when I play the transition within the program (speaker icon to the left of the transition time) or with the play buttons below. Hence, it makes it very difficult to create a nice flow before you burn.


Thanks for your advice.

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