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Menu Screen With A Lot Of Buttons?



I'd like to be able to create DVDs with a single, main menu screen that has links to all of the chapters on the disc. That's easy enough to do by adding unlinked buttons and then setting them to link to the chapters. However, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the menu works when I do that. I can be on chapter number 7 and I push down on the remote, but instead of going down to number 8, it leaps to some other button entirely. Is there a way to fix how the menu works short of picking a new menu style? I'd rather not do that because the maximum number of buttons any of the styles seems to have is 5 or so - I realize I can make multiple screen menus, but I'd rather just keep it all to one screen if possible. Thanks!

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Sorry, MyDVD doesn't provide that kind of control. From my experience, the button order follows the order they were created. I think the most I've ever used was 4 or 5 and those were for separate Videos. Not chapters within a video.


OK, thanks for letting me know. That's too bad, but not the end of the world. I'll just hunt through all of the menu styles to see which ones support the most buttons and use multi-page menus.

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