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Toast 10.0.8 Need Transfer Code



Machine configuration:mac pro MA535 Desktop

Memory :6G

AJA Kona 3 Edit Card

MATROX Compress HD Card


软件版本:mac os 10.6.4

Final cut pro 7.0.4

compress 3.0.5

matrox compress hd 1.9.1

1.In the final cut pro using aja 10 bit uncompressed project, using the quicktime export the output of which a currently set. Mov files

2.In compress, select the item in the matrox matrox max h.264 1080i 25 for blu-ray and Dolby digital prefessional 2.0 two predefined

This is matrox max h.264 1080i 25 for blu-ray predefined












Generate two independent audio and video files




Toast 10.0.8








This is the operation of the dials in the middle there will be a compression of time and 7 minutes of the film, may take 30 minutes to complete. I just like to ask, this process is normal, and if not normal, then the problem where it will be out .matrox compress hd 2.0 version of the software I have tried, the situation is the same as above

ʹÓÃmatrox compress hd¿¨Êä³öµÄÀ¶¹âÎļþ.doc

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