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Lines Started Appearing When Rendering


Hi. I have been using Creator 2009 and have had no major problems until about 3 months ago when any project I'd render came out with lines in the pictures. I have tried de-fragging my hard drive, updating my video card driver, rolling back to my old driver, and then installing a new video card; I have tried rendering using hardware and software; I have tried outputing to a file folder and to various file formats and no matter what they all have the same lines in them. Usually I am importing a short clip, then doing a few minor edits (or often no editing out all), then trying to render the clip. What's strange is that it all started suddenly and I cannot figure it out no matter what I try. I imagine it is some kind of conflict between the program and some Windows update or something. Oh, I have also tried re-installing Creator 2009. I am ready to try a newer version of Creator if that will fix the problem but I'm worried the same thing will happen.


I am running Windows XP, I have 1gb of memory, and my graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 7200 GS.


Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance!



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The NVidia Control Panel seems to only change settings on how the desktop, video, monitor and any visuals look. As far as I can tell there is no way to adjust settings that would affect how a seperate program would operate. Again, just to stress that the problems started back when I had my old NVidia card and no change was made at all. Everything worked fine and then one day the problem just began happening seemingly for no reason. The only change would have been a Windows update.


The jagged edges appear on everything that is rendered, whether to straight DVD-R disc, or first to a folder or iso file. And always in the finished DVD.


I did a few more tests and I did notice that if I render in the Hardware setting the jagges lines go away but the picture still does not look right, there is a kind of subtle static to it, like the compression is off. Not artifacting per se but something similar and definitely not the way it used to look before the problems started happening.


I'm not sure what that is and I do not have an NVidia card. I tend to stay with ATI. I Googled for nVidia control panel and got this Tweak guide.. I don't know how good it will be.


Also make sure that you have all the setting to software (or application) controlled in the settings.


1) Please confirm that you are seeing the lines in a finished DVD.

2) I asked you to put your computer specs in your signature and gave you directions on how to do that. Please do it! Look at others signature to see what to include.

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New pair of glasses? :blink: Seriously, I can't think of anything else that would do that except for a Windows Tweak or some other program that would change the appearance of Windows.

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