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Burning Downloaded Movies


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Hoping that you're downloading free-to-copy movies and not the copyright ones that some folks download, it depends on how you burn it.


Downloaded movies often arrive as .AVI or .DivX or .MKV files or sometimes as .FLV or .WMV or .MOV or other video files.


With a lot of the newer players you can just burn these files to disc and they'll play on a set-top box, however with older players they need to be converted and burned as "video compliant" DVDs if you want to play them anywhere else but on your computer.


To do this you'll need software capable of making the conversion and then burning the disc.

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When I burn a downloaded movie to a dvd, it will play on the computer but not on a home dvd player. Can anyone help?

You will need to convert the files from AVI to a readable format such as MPEG4 there are 2 folders when a DVD is created TS audio and a TS Video which can then be played on a home DVD player. I have used several different conversion programs filehog.com has one that uses IMG Burn to burn the DVD and it also does the Conversion form most any format like AVI,DVIX, to a DVD readable folder with TS Video and a TS Audio folder that can be played on a hime DVD I am sure that Roxio offers a Similar programs I am going to try the Roxio Burn program to burn a movie which I have already converted from AVI to a MOV file. If you have any questions Cnet.com offers a lot of DVD shareware,freeware as does Tu-cows Google both A warning!! Most trial programs leave a water mark or disable certain features until you buy thier product. So Buyer beware Take the time to review all DVD software. Roxio offers some very good software here on this site. I hope this helped? :) there is a lot of free info about DVD conversion and DVD burning. Also you cant copy a DVD without removing a block that is on the DVD. :huh:

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