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Windows 8 (Maybe)


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Windows 8 a 'Risky Product,' Says MS CEO


In a recent presentation before an audience of industry analysts, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer noted that Windows 8 -- which some experts have predicted will ship in just two years -- represents the next "riskiest product" for his company. (Source: http://www.htlounge.net)


It's hard to tell for sure if Ballmer meant it will be hard for Microsoft to build Windows 8 in such a way that it can top Windows 7. Some analysts have already suggested it could mean that major changes are in store for the next Microsoft operating system, and that together these alterations represent a major risk for the company.


Not much is yet known about Windows 8, but rumors suggest it could represent an OS that heavily resembles Apple's current navigational system piloted by touchscreen technology. Sales of the Apple iPad have shown that touch controls are here to stay, and it will be up to Microsoft to challenge their rivals by implementing these into the next version of Windows.


And while it's true Windows 7 includes support for multi-touch technology, that operating system is in no way built from the ground-up with it in mind. A number of navigational functions simply don't use the tech well, making an old-school keyboard still very necessary.

Keeping the Focus on Windows 7


As usual, Ballmer didn't add much else about Windows 8, and it makes sense. He'll want to keep the focus on Windows 7 for now, in order to maintain its strong start. The company last week announced first quarter revenues of $16.2 billion, a hike of 25 per cent over the same period last year. Sales of Windows 7 deserve much of the credit for that resurgence: Microsoft noted that an incredible 240 million licenses of the OS have shipped to date. (Source: http://www.eweek.com)

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I don't understand why MS thinks they need to compete with Mac/iPad technology. Why on earth would anyone pay that much money for small device with only 64GB and hardly any connectivity? For that much money, I can find a real laptop with 640GB or more and all the connectivity I need.


I agree 100%. Have you seen the lines when these things come out? Like a fashion show or a concert for the Jonas Brothers.

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Not long after they came out I was in an airport and saw a guy showing his to some other people.

He was having nothing but trouble getting it to connect to the wi-fi in the airport.

I remember thinking he probably stood in line forever trying to get that thing that wouldn't even get online.

Pretty funny at the time.

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