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Photosuite: Slow To Open, Slow To Save

Ken : )


We take a lot of pictures, sometimes 100's in a day, and store them in folders by date on the drive on our home network. From my digital SLR I save in both RAW and JPEG format which doubles the number of files (but not the number of thumbnails). When I browse with Windows Explorer or open dialogs in other applications the response is quick and usually if I find a file and double click the application stops trying to read the other thumbnails and loads the file.


When I used File Open in Photosuite and navigate to a folder with many files the application takes a lengthy amount of time while it loads thumbnails, even for files that are not currently shown in the dialog. If I happen to see a file and click it, I still have to wait for the thumbnails to be read.


Once I've completed editing the file and want to save, the save again takes an long time while it rereads the files to create thumbnails.


One particular folder has 458 files -- it takes 15 minutes to open and another 15 minutes to save.


My work around for this is to use windows explorer to open the file, however, I still have to wait for the thumbnails to be read on the save. I've thought of a second painful work around, copy the file out to a working folder, edit, save changes (with a new file name), and move the edited file back to the original folder.


Is anyone aware of a way to set the open and save dialogs so they just display details instead of thumbnails?


If anyone from Roxio is listening can I make a couple of suggestions: Make use of the Windows "thumbs.db" file instead of creating new thumbnails, and only display thumbnails for the files currently shown in the dialog and load the next screen full as the user scrolls down.


I'm using the Creator 2010 Pro suite. I assume this issue exists accross the suite, but when I use videowave I typically only have a couple of video files and pictures in those folders.

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