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How many songs


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how do I know how many songs for the pictures that are put in?



You question comes out of left field; that means it just appears with no other background information. How about some more information? What application are you using? You can do it by time or by filling up the timeline if you are using Video Wave. Have you looked at the tutorials?


In Video Wave, I prefer to work in Timelinae view and add the music to the music track, If I want several pieces of music that fade itno each other, I use another audio track, sfx for example along with the music track. Perhaps this will help get you started.


Remember that you cannot use any music that is DRM protected (downloaded from a on-line store) which means only music you ripped from a CD and that is NOT in Itunes application.


With more information from you on what you really want to do, we can provide better information.

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