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Bluray Disk Playback Had Bad Choppiness Where There's Movement



I have a picture quality issue on the first bluray DVD I created.


I checked the same player & TV using a commercial BluRay, and saw no issue (looks great).


But, when I played the bluray disk I created using MyDVD, it looked great unless something was moving. The choppiness was horrible if the camera panned the scene at all.


The original MPG files that I used to create the project were the following file sizes:



part of a 9.8GB file (trimmed)


[Once I burned it,) the bluray ISO file size was 12.3GB. The disk size was 25GB (single-layer).


I thought that I set up all the burning options for the best quality. So far, the picture quality -- unless the scene being viewed is still or very slow-moving -- is not nearly as good with BD as DVD.


Any ideas on what settings/preferences I might try?

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion to try s/w rendering. I was thinking of doing that. I'll try that next time.


I like your idea of buying a BD-RE (re-writeable) disk instead of using up $10 BD-R disks for each "experiment".


I did try again, but after playing around w/ fit to disk such that my .ISO file (I put it onto my computer's HDD before burning it to a BD-R) was larger, 22.77GB instead of 12.33GB.


It was much better, but still not that good.


Anyway, thanks for the post, I will try out your suggestion!

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I think I know what the OP is talking about. I noticed that my project created in 2009 was almost 1/2 the size when I simply loaded into 2011 and created an .ISO. What it did was ruin the aspect ratio and simply cut the resolution of the video. Previews looked great, you would ONLY notice this after creating the .ISO or burning it. This "mushing" of the video caused choppiness and wavy-ness because much of the data was missing.


It caused me to go back to 2009 because I had fewer errors and it immediately resolved this issue. I will be watching this thread to see if the suggestions mentioned resolved the problem. This also happened when I created a new project in 2011 from scratch. Yet another VERY frustrating event.



Note - creating an .ISO and mounting it to view is the best "test" method before burning. My hardware has a hard time with RE discs.. maybe newer hardware is better but instead of wasting money like I did trying different brands until you find something that finally works, just create the .ISO and mount it to view before burning.

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