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How to rename chapters



I have DigitalMedia Studio Deluxe (version 2.2.21a) which includes MyDVD 6.1.1.


I'm trying to get video from a VCD to a DVD. I've copied the .DAT files to my hard drive and renamed them .MPG.


They load into MYDVD fine. I figured out how to split the mpg file into chapters (this is a video of animated cartoons about 6 minutes each).


I'd like to rename the chapters to reflect the name of the cartoons. But try as I might, I can't find a way to do that.


Should I edit the mpg into sections first then load the pieces into MyDVD?


Any ideas?




Stephen Green

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Will do.




Unfortunately, this forum does not cover previous Sonic versions of MyDVD. This forum originated as a Roxio forum and has continued since the merger with Sonic. For help with MyDVD 6, you need to go to the Sonic website.
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