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Easy Cd Creator 5 Any Roxio Upgrade Like 5


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I really need help and don't know how to find this page again: so I am going to put my e-mail address in here...jbarre12@bellsouth.net


question: I have Roxio upgrade 10, and 11 I think, I know I have two (2) but I am not writing this from home so I can't tell you want the programs is. the problem is Easy CD 5 let you make a cd on the booklet side with Artist, Songs and minutes on it. We are having wedding and what to give out 100 cds to the guest. s


My easy cd 5 is acting up and I need a updated program that want make me type in all the information on to booklet cover. Can you help..

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We can't help you with the labeler from ECDC5 if all we know about it is that it is "acting up", but re-reading your message it doesn't look like you actually want help with that - you want to know about some program which might be version 10 or 11, or perhaps even 2010 or 2011?


Easy Media Creator 10 and Creator 2009 [which is EMC 11] as well as C2010 and C2011 all have labeling programs. HOWEVER if you are making a "compilation" disc with various tracks from other sources, then it's most likely that you will have to type the details into the labeling program.


These labeling programs can only recognize a disc and download the contents from the 'net if the disc is a commercial one listed in the CD database. If your disc is a home compilation it won't be recognized, sorry.

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