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Apple's Keynote



Hello All,


Running into some issues in trying to create a DVD using a .MOV created through a QuickTime export out of Apple's Keynote. I can't seem to burn a high-quality DVD using either iDVD or TOAST 10 Platinum.


I exported the .MOV from Keynote at 1920 x 1080. The quality of both the movie and the menu page are terrible with banding and blur.


I was told from an Apple Techie that iDVD wouldn't work for whatever reason and TOAST would be the ideal option unless I wanted to get the Final Cut Suite with DVD Pro. I was also told the DVD burner in my brand new iMac would not burn a high-resolution DVD which I find hard to believe. He recommended TOAST and a Blue-Ray burner to get the quality I'm looking for.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can anyone make any recommendations?





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A NTSC video DVD is 720x480 resolution. So you won't get a video DVD that looks as good as your high resolution source video. If you have Toast 10 Pro then that includes a Blu-ray plugin that allows you to burn high-definition Blu-ray discs. These can be burned to regular single- and dual-layer DVD discs so a Blu-ray drive is not required. Naturally, a DVD disc cannot hold as much as a Blu-ray disc but I doubt if your Keynote movie is very long. If you do have the Blu-ray Toast plug-in and create one of those discs, be aware that Macs don't play Blu-ray discs. You are making a disc that requires a Blu-ray player which you'll be watching on your HDTV.


There is an entirely different approach you can take. You can simply make the video a h.264 MPEG-4 video file (and it may already be that from your Keynote export). This can play on newer computers and can play on TVs using a variety of devices such as the WD TV Live box. No discs are burned nor needed.


So what matters most is how you are going to view the video and if you plan to distribute it to others. If you are going to view it on a computer you already can do that with the .mov file. If you are going to view it on an HDTV you need a box that can play h.264 HD video connected to the TV or a Blu-ray disc player. If you don't have or want either device then you resort to making a standard-definition video DVD which is not as high quality but very compatible for others.

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