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Can't Change Directory



I have the program running on my D drive. I try to limit files on my C drive so it doesn't become to big and cluttered. Unfortunately, when I go to create a 3d dvd, the program converts the 2d file to 3d. It saves it to the video files on my c drive and there does not seem to be a way to change this. I contacted tech support and they said this is how the program works. I have never had a video program that would not let you select where you want the files saved. One converted 3d video file is over 10 gigs. Since all the processing with the program is also on the C drive, it will crash if there is not enough empty disk space. I have to move the file after it is created so I have enough disk space for the program. This does not make sense.

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To clear some space on your C drive, if you haven't done this already

1: set the pagefile to D and give it a fixes value (same for min and max) of 2.5 times your system RAM and remove it from C:


2: make a temp folder on D and set environment variables to D:\Temp


3: right click on 'my documents' and send that also to D:


I doubt if it will move the 3D rendering, but it will give you more space to work in as well as operate more efficiently (the pagefile won't fragment)

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