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Drm Errors When Importing Downloaded Tivo Files



I bought Roxio 2010 to burn DVDs from my TiVo. However, ever since upgrading to Windows 7, I get the following error when adding a movie to My DVD.


"The file you are trying to use is protected by Digital Rights Management, and has not been added."


The is not DRM'ed on the TiVo and I successfully copied it from my Series3. The movie also plays fine when double clicked. I'm running Windows 7 with all updates installed from Windows Update.


Using Roxio MyDVD Video Lab Build 122B07B ENU)


How do I fix that?

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You can't - if Tivo added DRM to the file it can't be copied. You'd have to bring it up with them


If there's DRM on a file, then TiVo wouldn't let you copy it to your computer in the first place. The DRM is weak, and the file used to burn just fine prior to Windows 7. There must be something else wrong.

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The only thing 'wrong' is that Windows 7 has tighter DRM control than earlier versions.


The file IS DRM blocked and that's it - there's nothing you CAN do except ask Tivo. The fact that it worked in older systems with weaker DRM control isn't at issue, the file IS protected and any attempt to bypass that is illegal.


The DRM kicks in when you try to comnvert it - you can watch it on the computer, yes - but you are NOT allowed to copy it

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