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Creator 10 Better Burn Then Dvdit Pro



I have a question why did Roxio Creator 10 burn a captured AVI better then DVDit Pro without what I call mild interlace flicker?


This is the procedure;

• I captured a VHS with Pinnacle Dazzel

• I tried to import into Media Composer 5 but I got the error, “ERROR_GETTING_MOVIE_FRAME_FROM_QUICKTIME”

• I export the same captured AVI from Studio 14 as an AVI and it finally imported into MC 5.

• I exported a small 2 minute quick time reference from MC 5 and burned the file with DVDit Pro HD

• I changed the setting to VRB then Constant and then convert video.

• I also burn the same quick time reference from Roxio Creator 10


Only the Roxio was clear and steady, what could I be doing wrong with DVDit Pro?

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Additional information


The VHS I pulled the capture off of was a copy of a copy, perhaps that’s why it is only on this video I'm trying to burn.

See example of the problem mentioned in the post above: http://cid-32140cc3cd5daf03.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Test%20Pictures/Interlace%20lines%20problem.jpg


This VHS capture has jagged lines just before the blue titles that were previously put in on the VHS. There are about 10 full screen titles whose still picture just before have jagged interlace lines. I don't why this would be except that the signal from the player was weak in these parts.

See example here: http://cid-32140cc3cd5daf03.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Test%20Pictures/interlace%20problem.jpg



Like I said above Roxio creator 10 must be applying a filter to take out these lines.

Is there a way to boost signal on a weak VHS tape?

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