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Questions About Lowering Bit Rate To Fix The 18775 Error When Encoding

Nikko Ski


My main goal is to burn ALL my HD videos from my Mac to Blu Ray on DVD. I have burned two HD vids on DVD and they look great, but now I am getting this dang 18775 error, which I guess lots of people are getting. This occurs even when i try to burn the exact same project that just worked earlier in the day with NO changes.


It sounds like fixing the problem has to do with lowering the bit rate. Here are my questions (PLEASE):


1) I see an "Average Bit Rate" bar that is set to 8.0 Mbps and a "Maximum Bit Rate" bar that is set to 16.0 Mbps. What should I set these too to make them work so I don't get the error message?


2) Will changing the Bit Rate(s) affect my final quality product? The ONLY reason I bought the mac years ago and the HD camera and this NEW Toast program was so i could keep my original quality by burning Blu Ray quality vids onto DVD discs.


3) Are there any other fixes/adjustments I can make to help eliminate this issue w/out loosing quality?


Thanks, Paul


I have a OS X 10.5.8 2.8 GHz intel Core 2 Duo with Toast 10 (just down loaded the latest pro).

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