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3D Error Message - Because Your Video Card...



I just upgraded my video card (onboard hp nivedia to GeForce 9600GT 1MB) and power supply (300W to 650W required due to extra power draw from 9600GT) to get better performance from adobe suites CS4 programs mainly but also I was under the impression that it would also improve preview and rendering in videowave. Now when I start video wave the first box that pops up says "Because your video card doesn't support 3D video, and all 3D functions are disabled now. In order to use 3D features please upgrade your video card and it's driver."


I didn't get this message before I installed the new card. The devise manager says it is working properly and the latest drivers are installed. Adobe software recognizes the card and performance is greatly improved across the board.


When I select the hardware rendering option from the tools-options menu my preview performance is much better but when I try to render out (wmv format) with the hardware option selected it renders much quicker but audio is un-useable due to replay of certain audio tracks at random times behind the main audio which still synchs up. If I select the software render option the previews are back to slow with a lot of flicker but even though it takes about four times longer to render it does render out correctly including the audio.


I am running two monitors off the new card but have tried switching off the secondary monitor to see if that might be an issue but it doesn't seem to make any difference as i still get the 3D features turned off message when video wave starts.


Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it without screwing up my adobe programs improvement with the current settings would be appreciated...

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Does it work fine with one monitor?


If so I would call,

  • Telephone Support: Free for Creator 2011 customers during normal business hours* at 877-793-7471 (North America only).


nope seems to work the same with roxio running solo or dual monitors, if hardware rendering option selected review runs great but audio is messed up on output but render time is quick, opposite is true if software rendering option is applied...

I have verified that all 3-d functions in adobe products and the one 3-d game I tried work great running solo or dual monitors.

I am not that concerned about the 3-D message, don't really do any 3-D, but since this only started after installing the video card upgrade and to a 1MB card I am concerned as to why videowave will not fully recognize and make use of the new card. Is there a setting or any way to tweak video card settings in the main program of Creator 2011 that controls how roxio programs work with the video card?

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and adjust resolution,


What screen resolution are you running?


Is there a setting or any way to tweak video card settings in the main program of Creator 2011 that controls how roxio programs work with the video card?


No, only hardware or software..

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