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Vhs2Dvd And Creator 2011



I purchased the XP version of VHS2DVD a while back, and never installed it. Finally got around to it after getting my new Win 7 64-bit rig. Confirmed that the drivers were incompatible (wouldn't install). After a back and forth with Roxio TS, it looked like my only paths forward were to buy the Win 7 labeled VHS2DVD, or to buy Creator 2011, which I was told had the support built-in. I went with the Creator route to get the extra functionality. After installing Creator, and then plugging in the USB capture device, the drivers loaded successfully. Good news so far, but when I try to activate the "capture video" function in Creator, all that happens is the mouse cursor goes into "busy" mode for a brief time, and then it returns to normal, and nothing else happens. Any suggestions as to what I can try next would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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No telling what has happened to your PC as a result of attempting to install non-Win7 software…


1. You can try the Repair option for 2011. As you start an Install, the Repair option will be presented.

Let’s see how that goes before attempting anything else.


Hi Jim,


Thanks for your reply.


I tried the repair option, but it failed to improve the situation. I then tried to completely uninstall, and reinstall, but that also didn't make any difference. Finally, I found a post from Sonic Boom that gave details for how to "really" uninstall the product ("Help with Reinstallng Creator 2011 Missing apps, Things not launching, Install rollbacks, etc.."), and following his procedure, I was successful in getting Creator to recognize the capture device. Evidently, the automatic uninstallation facility does not remove all registry entries or a bunch of cache files.

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