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Label Creator And Screen Resolution



My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium; My screen resolution is set for 1920x1080, which is what is recommended by my monitor; however, this makes the fonts too small for me to read, so I set them for 150% of normal; this is fine for most applications and activities, but for some reason, with Label Creator, I get this popup:

In order for this application to run correctly, your display settings need to be changed to 1024x768 at 32 bit color.

Click OK to continue, or Cancel to quit.


If I click OK, then Label Creator resets my resolution on its own, and then, the visible area is too big to fit on my screen! The rest of Roxio’s Creator 2010 seems to be fine. To say the least, this is just a bit off putting. I really like the label creator, and would like to use it with my new system, but this is ridiculous. By the way, the details for the entire Creator 2010 PRO application indicate the following regarding the label creator portion of the program:

Roxio Central Labeler Support

Version: 5.0.3492.861

Label Creator Launcher Plugin

Version: 5.0.3491.7437

(this information – the launcher plugin part – is listed four times)

Anyone else have this problem? Any fixes or ideas for a fix, please?

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