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Titanium 10 Won't Recognize A Saved Disc Image



Hey Group,


Just wondering if anyone out there would know why an HD video image saved as a disc image and archived won't open back up to burn in toast. It says the filename is an unsupported format and cannot be imported. Just to try things out I tried saving the disc image twice, the file is HD video so everytime I do save it takes hours to create. Any ideas of why this would be happening? I would like to save a copy of the disc image in case I need to burn more copies of this presentation.



Any ideas?



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You're doing something that I haven't tried so I need to know a little more detail. You saved a disc image and then chose it with the Image File setting in the Copy window. Is that correct? Does the disc image mount? I don't know where importing comes into play. Please walk me through this a little more.

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