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Disc Label Length For Dvd



I am trying to make a DVD (High Quality) iso in myDVD with a disc label that contains 16 alphanumeric characters (the max for the textbox). With this label length, myDVD closes at the "Record Menus" step (no error message, just simply closes out...lol). When I use a disc label that is only 8 characters, the iso is made with no problem (took me hours to stumble upon this as the problem). I just finished making an AVCHD yesterday which accepted a 16 character label with no problem. Is there a limit for DVD disc labels that is less than 16 characters, and if so, why does myDVD allow for up to 16 for a DVD project?





Dell i7 2.8Ghz CPU, 8gb ram, NVidia Geforce GTS 240 (1gb), and Win 7 Pro 64bit

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AVCHD: myDVD does not crash with a label of 16 characters

Your just repeating what you said and not reading what I said…


DVD’s have a 16 character limit!


AVCHD & BD do not.


There is something wrong with your install if it crashes. Try running repair on your install.


post-39730-044757300 1291757798.jpg post-39730-016118600 1291757800.jpg

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Jim, I hear what you are saying and I appreciate your help, including the screenshots. You said exactly what I already knew, and those facts are the reason why I found it odd that a 16 character label would crash the program, which is my original reason for posting. I got the impression that my first post was a little convoluted, so I basically put it in more simplistic format in my second post. I have since done some experimenting and found that when I use a label with 16 characters exactly (e.g., 1234567890123456), myDVD crashes between the "Record Menus" and "Complete." Thus, your screenshot would need to show all five checks if it were to be truly illustrative. If I use a label with 15 characters or less (e.g., 123456789012345) the iso is made successfully. Not a big deal at all, and not really repair-worthy at the moment; I'll just use a 15 character or less label for my DVD iso's. If I hadn't decided upon a label that had 16 characters in the first place, I would never have even stumbled upon this...haha.


Thanks again,


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Got it!!!


I will give that a try ;)


Right you are!


post-39730-039019100 1291806210.jpg


16 crashes, but 15 works. I will report it.


An alternative would be create a Folder Set then use Burn Data Disc to burn the Folder set. You can add a Disc Volume name in BDD as you see fit otherwise as long as you select Close the disc it automatically produces a proper DVD Movie.

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